Aerilith - The Twilight Signar

The Aerilithian signarus.

Aerilith is the fourth signarus. After the transition from the cold signarus, temperatures begin to return to degrees similar to those in Lyrin, but slightly colder. A rush ensues, once the skies have cleared from Toridian weather, for farmers to begin planting many crops for the coming Barishian signar. The world grows a bit darker every day during this signar, hindering the growth of crops as Aerilith comes to a close. People who are quick and strong of mind are believed to be born under this signarus, adapting to the changing world. Many people breed children during the beginning of this signar if population levels are not high in their respective regions.


  • While not as frequent as during the Barishian signar, many strange, otherworldly events are known to take place during this signar.
  • Many people feel as though they are being stalked by a creature, who is always described as but a shadow in the corner of their eye.
  • Almost no wars have taken place during this period of time, as many will devote their attention to themselves and loved ones.
  • The apex period of this signar is at or near the end, due to the skies growing darker progressively from the beginning.