The Five Signari

The five signari, appearing only on the sides of Empyrean Conduits.

The Five Signari - "The Five" as they are commonly known - are figures of light, etched onto every Empyrean Conduit on Alevius. Each signarus heralds the beginning of a new "global season", slowly shifting temperatures and conditions around the world. A shift in "season" can be identified when all signari fade into the next signarus in the cycle.

The time period that a single signarus remains on every conduit is simply refered to as a signar. When a full cycle showing all five is finished, a new age begins. It is currently the 11th Lyrikan age, placing the current signari at or somewhere after the 55th signar. 

Empyrean magi, with purported access to the oldest records within the higher realm, place the dawn of lytherian civilization at around the 94th age BL (Before Lyrik), making civilized life as old as 470 signari BL.

A signar is equivalent to 15 years in our real world, placing the span of civilization on Alevius at ~8,000 years. Magi that attempt to go back further past lytherian civilization hit an unexplained dark zone, only finding an incomprehensible collage of blurred and torn memories all collapsing together.

Apex PeriodEdit

Each signar has a point in time called the Apex Period. This is a time when the signar reaches its maximum extreme that correlates with its name (eg. Torid is at its coldest, Hentor is at its hottest). The apex period of all signari vary with each age, however it is generally during the middle of each signar. The exceptions to this are Aerilith and Barish, whose apex periods are at the end and the beginning respectively.

The FiveEdit

An index of the five is as follows...