The Attamoch Union, known for being the first formal union, is the largest and arguably most powerful human establishment on Alevius. Due to its dominion over the central region Targus and the islands in the Golden Sea, the Union has a great vantage point against any would-be assailants.


The rule of the Attamoch Union is headed by a king or queen, depending on who their predecessor, or parent, had designated. The line of the Attamoch family has never been broken, and so the posterity of Tarin Attamoch continues to fill the position.

The king or queen does not have absolute power, as he or she is balanced by a group of representatives from each state, elected by the next group down. A hierarcy is as follows...

  • Public - Representative of Public - Representative of City - Lord - Representative of State - King/Queen

It begins with the public electing three public representatives per major city, all of whom then choose from candidates to elect a representative of the city who will preside alongside the Lord of that city. This representative then proceeds to meet his or her counterparts to elect a candidate to ascend to representative of state. These representatives of state meet with the king or queen directly on matters, and have the power to vote something into effect.

Elections are held within the sanctum of each citadel in every city, where citizens may watch. A monitor is present, usually a former person of office, who ensures that everything is in accordance with royal law. The monitor is able to view all tally keepers in the room, whereas they are unable to view eachother. For elections beyond those of public representatives, tally keeping is not necessary due to the small number of votes, so the voting parties will simply state their vote to all those present.

Elections for public representatives are slightly different, in that votes are tallied by the monitor, the previous officials, and 3 randomly picked citizens. A voting citizen will submit either a vocal or written declaration of whom they are choosing for office. This is done through a shaded screen, so the entire operation is anonymous. If written, the monitor must state the name clearly, and display it to all individuals present. This will go on for a week or until no more citizens in the city appear to vote. Once voting has ceased, a personal escort for each of the tally keepers will bring them before the populace, where one by one they will state the number of votes for each candidate and display it. If there is a single mismatch, the event will be conducted yet again, but with a reduced duration of time. Once all results match, a new official is elected.


The economy of the Union is extremely affluent, due largely in part to the Faralin Plain. Each commercial business is required to be registered to the royal treasury, which calls for a small portion of their product be yielded to the crown. This product is then sold in foreign union markets, bringing in profits from all around Alevius. As the royal treasury recieves a profit, it is then obligated to use the majority of funds for the benefit of the people. This is to prevent oligarchs from subverting power away from the crown through trade, while still allowing for business deals among those within the Union.

Index of StatesEdit

States that are presently aligned with the Attamoch Union are as follows...