Barish - The Dark Signar

The Barishian signarus.

Barish is the final of the signari. As the 'Dark' signar, much of the light in the sky has disappeared after the Aerilithian period, leaving only small pockets of luminescence on Alevius. This inhibits crop growth, as well as visibility outside of torch light. Unnatural occurrences are extremely common during this signar, and many believe it to be a test by the gods for Alevian life to survive this period of time. Dark manifestations traipse the wild and uncivilized regions of the world, denying hunters their prey. Plagues fester within the depths of the wilds, contaminating any creatures within that eventually find their way to city gates. The only major sources of light are from cities and the Empyrean conduits .


  • Children born under Barish are considered cursed, and in some regions, people slaughter any child who is born to those who do not abstain. (This includes most creatures.)
  • Some people who have not properly readied for this time resort to cannibalism and theft of food.
  • Darkness becomes an enemy of most people during this signar, leading to widespread insomnia.
  • Shadowy figures, known by the populace as Lurkers, can be seen casing the outer perimeters of towns, villages and cities. Abductions are common, and the person is never seen again and their essence cannot be contacted in the Empyrean Realm.