The Northern Confederation is a union that consists of the majority of the Kargantian continent, with the exception being Lyrik and Kiren. The Confederation was formed not long after the Attamoch Union.

While no longer on Alevius, The Five Prophets - those who instigated the Eternal War - had lived in the various states now included in the union. Many mistakenly believe that the masses of the north were willingly attacking the regions of the south, tarnishing the name of the Confederation in the eye of the general public.


The Northern Confederation is headed by a monarch, and rule of each state is passed down through family, creating a solid legacy of kings and queens of noble blood. A council, comprised of the heads of each state's noble family, convenes regularly to discuss internal affairs.

A state's influence in politics is determined by the amount of resources they contribute to the welfare of the Confederation. This influence is used to determine which state official (family head) will ascend to the position of monarch. To gain the title of monarch, the state official must provide evidence that proves his or her region contributes the bulk of resources to the Confederation. If the evidence is strong, the current monarch must regress to the status of councillor, and the newly appointed monarch may then alter any foreign policies he or she deems unfit. The monarch serves as both foreign minister and head of their own state, however it is not uncommon for them to relinquish rule of their state to a family member.

Subverting rule from another in the council is highly forbidden. When this occurs, the entire family of the offender is exiled and a new family is selected by the council from any of the largest contributors within the corresponding state. If a councillor is found using falsified data reports to gain the position of monarch, the consequences are the same. Monarchs are forbidden from interfering with the rule of state officials, only being allowed to dictate foreign policy and matters of their own state.

If a state official finds the current monarch's foreign policies intolerable or disagreeable, they may petition for change. The council cannot legally unseat a monarch for bad policies, other than by improving productivity in a certain region. During times of war, all government positions are locked into place until the war has subsided.


The Confederation deals mostly in iron, meat and hides. Most crops grown in the north generally go to feeding the livestock, which in turn provide ample resources for trade. All forms of trade are managed on the state level, rather than by the monarchy. Businesses reserve the right to dictate to whom their goods are sold, however.

The primary source of income for a state are state owned businesses. Businesses that wish to trade outside of the union are taxed by the state, and goods must be transported through a state sponsored trading company. These are the only two sources of continuous income, however donations are not prohibited - provided they are from within the same state.

Generally, all the funds made by the noble family will feed back into areas of the state that could be potentially utilized to gain the upper hand in Confederate politics. If an area of productivity is lacking, the state will attempt to remedy it by providing financial assistance to all businesses involved in that particular area of production. These businesses may then purchase any amenities required for their business to flourish from wherever they wish, as long as the state approves.

Index of StatesEdit

States that are presently aligned with the Northern Confederation are as follows...