Targus is the central continent of the known world. It enjoys a very temperate climate, never getting too warm or cold - except during the respective apex period of the various signari.

The Faralin PlainEdit

The Faralin Plain can be found in the center of Targus, with the heart of it being located north of Lake Pylin. The river that flows south-west from Televar Bay, called the Televar Run, cuts through the plain and feeds into the Firth of Targus. This river is an important factor into the economy of the region, as it provides mineral rich water for the countless farms around the central plain.


- The Attamoch Union is comprised of the entirety of mainland Targus. The only regions that remain independent are Faralith and the two islands of Aldan and Ivrios.

- Ordin, a city in the north of the Targusian mainland, was the first area to be struck during the Eternal War.

- Reilas, a city on the northern bank of Lake Pylin, is the host of the Lyrin's Bounty festival.

- Targus derives its name from the first King in the region, in the ages before the Eternal War.