Torid - The Cold Signar

The Toridian signarus.

Torid is the third in all of the signari. Its signar embraces Alevius with large blizzards in the north and south, chilly temperatures in the central regions and raging storms across all of Alevius. Many crops that haven't died out during the Hentorian signar will eventually succumb to the cold Toridian air. Many believe that this signar makes great hunters and survivalists, as they are needed to find food for cities and villages during the harsh cold. As the stores of food farmed from Lyrin and Hentor are likely dwindling in number, many creatures are prized for their meats and warm hides.


  • The Eternal War occured just before the apex period of this signar.
  • The coastlines of northern Kargantia, as well as many in the south, are known to freeze over. This hinders most intercontinental trade, allowing only for consumption of localized goods.
  • The Empyrean Conduit, located at the peak of Mount Kargantia in Coldreach, is inaccessable during the entirety of Torid.